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The following people have endorsed Phil Mella for Teller County Commissioner.


Jim Ignatius

Teller County Commissioner (2003-2013)

I have known Phil since 2001 and have seen and worked with him both as a key player and prominent leader in Woodland Park since 2002.

Along with years of public service Phil also brings a strong business management background to the table with over 23 years of healthcare management experience ranging from contracting manager for a large medical group in Colorado Springs to Director of Business Operations at a Colorado Springs Hospital with multimillion-dollar budgets. 

So, in April 2018 when he told me of his interest in running for County Commissioner, I strongly encouraged it.

During his seven years on Woodland Park City Council and four of those years as Mayor Pro Tem, Phil distinguished himself as a leader, critical thinker and a passionate voice for limited government, one who is unafraid to stand on first principles.

Phil additionally served as a Woodland Park Planning Commissioner from 2014 to 2015 and understands the complexity of land use in local government.

Phil is also one who engages with the citizens, in particular those whose voices aren’t always represented when public policy is discussed. 

I am confident he will bring those same skills to his work as Teller County Commissioner.  Therefore, I am endorsing Phil for Commissioner and strongly urge you to vote for him as he will be a strong advocate for conservative governance and defender of our liberties.




Jeff Baldwin

Woodland Park Planning Commission, 1988-1998

Woodland Park City Council,1998-2006

Pikes Peak Regional Hospital, Founding Member

Pikes Peak Regional Hospital Association Board

Pikes Peak Regional Hospital, Board of Trustees


I am honored to endorse Phil for Teller County Commissioner.  I served on Woodland Park City Council for four years with Phil during which he distinguished himself as a voice for limited government and property rights.

In particular, during the Walmart development, as Mayor Pro Tem, Phil was a strong advocate for their right to be here because he understood that regardless of size or other considerations, they had the same rights as any other commercial enterprise.

Phil also listens to the voice of the people with the goal of ensuring complete transparency and accountability.  He knows that the public’s trust is difficult to earn but can be tarnished when elected officials betray it.

Therefore, it’s without qualification that I recommend Phil for this office, confident he will provide our county with strong fiscal conservatism and inspired leadership.




Clarke Becker

Teller County Commissioner 1997-2003

Woodland Park Planning Commission 1986-87

Woodland Park City Council 1988-1992

Mayor 1992-1996

Executive Director, Teller County Economic Development Council, 1993-2003.

Currently Director of the Colorado Rural Workforce Consortium.


It is my pleasure and honor to offer my support and endorsement of Phil Mella for Teller County Commissioner.  I am very proud of my 17 years of public service to Teller County and the good work that Woodland Park and Teller County accomplished during my tenure.  As a former Commissioner for District 3, I want to see the best candidate for Teller County.  I fully recognize that though good governance requires strong and committed leaders, teamwork and the ability and commitment to work with all interests are the keys to success in any community.  Those are outstanding characteristics that Phil demonstrates every day.  

In my current role, I work with small to medium sized communities all over rural Colorado. I observe the good and the bad.  I believe that Phil brings many skills and talents important to good, sound governance for Teller County. 

First and foremost, his character and integrity are at the highest level.  Phil also brings a strong business management background to the table with many years of management experience for a large medical group in Colorado Springs with multimillion-dollar budgets that will be a tremendous asset to ALL Teller County residents.   

Phil has been involved and engaged across the county and region for quite some time now, even before he became a candidate and that will pay important dividends for Teller County.  Phil provides intelligence, fiscal conservatism, leadership and love of his community of Teller County.

I am excited to support Phil and encourage Teller County Voters to support him as a candidate for the Teller County Board of Commissioners




Al Born, R.Ph., MS.

Current Positions:

Downtown Development Authority, Secretary

Park State Bank & Trust Board of Directors

Teller County Deputy Coroner and Coroner


Prior Positions:

Board of Trustees, Town of Woodland Park

Charter Commission

Woodland Park City Council

Woodland Park Mayor

Woodland Park Board of Adjustments, Chair

Woodland Park School Board, president


My reason for endorsing Phil Mella can be divided into two primary spheres:  One is his Constitutional Conservatism.  A key word is LIBERTY, resulting from limited government.   Having visited several countries with authoritarian governments it is easy to perceive and understand the negative results of intrusive governmental dictates.  American FREEDOM facilitating inventiveness is vitally important to the American spirit.


The second is his EXPERIENCE in financial and personnel management in the private business community, plus many years of holding elective office in local government.


My support of Phil is based on his understanding and support of constitutional conservatism, liberty and freedom of the American spirit facilitating inventiveness, coupled with his extensive professional experience, and high degree of personal integrity and skills to enhance local governance.  




Gary Crane

Woodland Park Mayor, 2004-2008


I had the pleasure of serving on Woodland Park City Council with Phil for several years including his time as Mayor Pro-Tem. 

During that time, I came to respect his judgment, his deep concern for our community and his understanding of the role of government in serving its people. 

Those attributes as well as his solid character will serve him well in his role as County Commissioner.




Bob Larson

Woodland Park Police Chief, 1999-2015


Phil Mella will be an excellent Teller County Commissioner. Phil believes in government that is limited and accountable to the people because it belongs to the people, not the other was around. He knows that government money is the people’s money.

Those beliefs guided his service as a Woodland Park City Council member from 2002 to 2008 with four of those years as Mayor Pro Tem. During 2015 and 2016 he served again.

Phil managed the primary care operations at Langstaff Brown Medical Center and was also Contract Manager for the parent company, Mountain View Medical, which included nine clinics and 50 doctors. He was subsequently the Administrator at Associates and Vascular Surgery.  After that, he was Director of Business Operations at Memorial Hospital /UC Health.

It was a privilege to serve Woodland Park with Phil Mella during my time as Chief of Police.




                                                      Gene Kozleski, CPA

Served on Woodland Park City Council

I have known Phil for over 20 years, and have come to appreciate his intelligence, fiscal conservatism and love of his community.

I served with Phil on City Council, and in 2014 when he opted to run for mayor, I wholeheartedly supported him. Due to a split council, two candidates were tied for the selection, and, unfortunately for Woodland Park, Phil lost the mayoral seat. His conservative fiscal ideology would have left the city in a better financial position than it now must live with.

Phil will bring fiscal control to the position of County Commissioner.

I truly think he is the person for the job, and encourage Teller County voters to support his candidacy.




Gene Sperry

Served on Woodland Park City Council,

Currently IREA Director, District 3




David Corry, MD

Vascular Surgeon

President and Managing Partner

Associates in General & Vascular Surgery, P.C.

Colorado Springs, Colo.



Phil Mella excels as a leader.  Full stop. 

Knowing Mr. Mella for over 10 years as the Chief Administrator of our busy surgical practice, he provided us with superb leadership through financial insight and discipline, allowing us to expand and better meet the needs of our patients.

Importantly, he also focused on the professional development of our office employees, accomplished by fostering department-based freedom for problem solving without micromanagement, furthering our practice’s success and patient experience. 

Bottom line—Mr. Mella is a true professional, with proven skills and real-world experience in complex business environments, all of which will serve him well as Teller County Commissioner.




Dick Eitel, CEO

Memorial Health System (Retired)


I am honored to support Phil Mella in his campaign for Teller County Commissioner.  I worked for 33 years at Memorial Health System in Colorado Springs, and retired as CEO in 2008. 

I had the opportunity to work with Phil while at Memorial in his role of Administrator of one of the most important surgical groups practicing at Memorial.  Since my retirement I have been fortunate to continue my relationship with Phil as a friend.

Phil’s wisdom, intellectual acuity, judgment, relational warmth, and willingness to learn will serve him well as a Teller County Commissioner.  Phil tries every day to align his actions, relationships, and words with integrity and with his strong belief system.  For Phil, integrity and high personal values are not abstractions, but serve as his personal operating standards. 

Phil possesses a very sharp mind.  He is perceptive, inquisitive, and exhibits consistently good judgment.  I know few people who so readily fulfills every personal responsibility with high standards and personal accountability.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

As CEO of Memorial Healthcare System, I had the opportunity to work with some outstanding individuals, Phil certainly being one of them.  I can without reservation recommend Phil as a person who I believe will consistently strive to serve the best interests of the people of Teller County, and will always do so with high character and integrity.

Philip Mella
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